Family System in Pakistan

Each country has its own lifestyle and culture, and usually family system totally depends upon it. If you are eagerly willing to know about the family system in Pakistan, then keep on following this article. In this country, people have inherited family values which they prefer to follow religiously. Life in cities is modern and much more different as compared to villages because of the financial disturbances occurring while in a joint family system.
Joint family system is quite common in Pakistan. It is usually consistent with parents, kids and grandparents living together as a single family. In addition, the earning head of the family plays a vital role in maintaining the economy and nourishment of the family. Moreover, they take full responsibility and protection of their grandparents and thus are the outrageous care takers as well. Chiefly, each of the family members is well respected. Hence people in this country extremely follow the joint family system and live there with their mates.
Contrarily, an earlier last couple of year’s life of citizens has been changed and some changes have occurred in their family system, in big cities. To add more, the reality of citizenship will enable the family living together to be less exerted and large nuclear group. This lifestyle is usually opted in growing countries. As we know that Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan, it has observed by the city that the most enthusiastic people live here. Moreover, people can easily understand the changes in the family systems.
Once we talk about the elder citizens they generally prefer staying with their own family or their grand children to be completely taken care. They usually depend on their own family people to get complete moral, economic and physical support. Giving moral and physical support is common in the joint family system. It has been clearly known that city life or modern lifestyle will destroy the care of family and family values to their elders. In addition, the city lifestyle will be struck off the care of growing kids with their elders.
The situation will be drastic for the senior citizens in the modern family system. Elders can reside in more risk free state while being in a joint family system. And people living in the joint family system will clearly respect their elders and will completely support them. Joint family system is better than living alone. But growth in city life is tending to give rise to the modern family system.

4Most of Pakistanis are Muslims. They enormously respect their tradition and customs, and they strictly follow the values of family. Mostly, it could be seen that joint family system is being followed and in comparison to that, there will be some of the groups that are living as the modern lifestyle family system. People in the modern system will only take care of their wives and children.

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  1. Remarkable details! I have been looking for something like this for a while today. Many thanks!

  2. it is true, joint family system is best at the time of aging. but there is 1 factor which is important joint family system is good in a way when both the sides means (mother in law, sister in law and daughter in law ). all are performing their duties welly or they will respect each other, will take care or will cooperate and understand the situations. in this way joint family system is best otherwise it is looking like a hell after few months.

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