Festivals of Kalash- joshi and Uchal

People of Kalash are fun loving, witty and cheerful, they like festivals and love to enjoy these festivals with full of music and dance. Folk dance of women of Kalash is very popular, apart from beautiful sceneries of Kalash, different festivals of Kalash are also very famous. Large number of people are invited and united in these festivals. In Kalash valley there are four main festivals that are celebrated.

Joshi/chilim jusht festival: this is the most famous festival among the four festivals, every year in May this festival starts. The core theme of celebrating this festival is honoring fairies and to defend shepherds and goats from the any causality before they go for meadows. On this festival all the houses in the valley are decorated, all these decoration and preparation are done by the girls and the women of the valley. They worship the Goddess Jastak which they think will take care of their homes and children. They spray milk over Goddess. The major point of the festival is Rumbher where the chief of the tribes are gathered and on the name of their God they scarify goats. Women dance in the circles and wear their traditional dresses black robes, headdresses of cowries shelled and colorful necklaces. Then men also join them, celebration of this festival remains for four days.

Uchal festival: this festival is begun in August, the harvesting season of barley and wheat starts. This festival is mainly celebrated in Bumboret and Rumbur. In this festival young boys and girls perform different dances and it also start with the dance of young boys and girls.