Festivals of Kalash- phoo and Chomos

Kalash is the most beautiful place of Pakistan. It is also famous for its different festivals. These festivals are celebrated with great preparation; there is much dancing and music on these festivals and the elders sing songs with drum and women dance in circles. Locally, mulberry wine is present in plentiful amount. The dates of these festivals place on stone as they are according to harvest. Joshi festival is for spring harvest and it is 4 to 6 days, start in the mid of May. Uchao festival is pre harvest festival on 20th August. The other festivals are

Phoo festival: this festival is celebrated only in Biri and is held in August. It is related when the grapes and walnut harvest season starts, people are meet together to share their joys and happiness. This is also the time when the shepherds come back from the field. Dances and marry making is held on this occasions.

Chomos festival: in the mid of December this festival is started, the most famous festival of Kalash is Chomos festival. For the immortality of the relatives this festival is celebrated whether dead or living. To, celebrate the joys of protected goats and crops from disasters and to clean the valleys and villages for the future. A bonfire is arranged and immense dance celebrations are occurred. All the festivals in this time are arranged indoor where they enjoy local dance and wine, holding hands and crossing arms around the waists. Leaders of the tribes sit on the top of the hills and wait for the sun to rise; they declare the New Year with the rising sun. This is the real festival; all the people must visit this beautiful valley with amazing and rich culture in Pakistan.