Folk dances

Folk dance

In Pakistan the most popular one is folk dances and every region has their own special form of their folk dances, these dances also performed to celebrate spiritual or religious rituals, wedding, and child birth and also used for the society knowledge. The folk dances steps are generally simple and the structure is easy, there are various versions of folk dances in Pakistan in every religion, but they are mostly in rhythm with folk music that is performed by the music instrument. Every region also has their own form of music on which these folk dances are performed. These folk dances are the important part of cultural festivals and celebrations in every region. Learning these steps and complicated movement of these dances is the dream of the younger generation.

Folk dance

Dance is like the one type of art that is supported by the people. Although there are different forms of these dances both folk and classical are famous and are performed at different events in Pakistan. These dances also adopt some modern steps and bring about some changes with passage of time. It also shows the signs of new renaissance in Pakistan. Folk dances are typically linked with rural folk and shows people’s happiness on the successful harvest, in Pakistan there are many other forms of the folk dances which are linked with martial talent and alternativeness for fighting war. The dance belong to first category is bhangra and that belongs to the second category is Attan and Khattan. There are also classical dances which are now highly advanced with well known and devoted teachers that pay more attentions to the traditional purity and rules. It includes khatak and also other dance forms.


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