Glass bangles- cultural jewelry

Pakistan is not producing glass products of high standard like European level for example chandelier décor and other glasses. For some reason Pakistani glass is not regarded as of the excellent quality, ratio of naturally present mica in the sand may be the reason of this. But when talk is about the production of glass bangles than artisan of Pakistan are at the top. Bangles are like bracelets that are very famous among Pakistani women and all of them love to wear on their wrist at all occasion especially cultural events they use to wear these glass bangles. These bangles are now available in different colors and designs Pakistani artisans gain excellent skills and became expert in this art. In order to be noticed these bangles are need to be according to the size of the wrist.

In Pakistan these glass bangles are not only a handicraft but they are also amazingly linked with pottery, folklore of love, women delicacy and imagination femininity. There are two main uses of these bangles

The first on is the sweet jiggling noise of these glass bangles affected men’s heat with love

The second one is the bangles of matching colors with dresses increases the beauty and outlook of the dresses and women.

Matching glass bangles:

It is the real fact that the matching, stylish and colorful bangles increases the charm of a dress and also create a better impression than gold bangles. Although gold has its own class but one fact that it can’t be wear all the time, glass bangles are also considered as the best gift that can be present to someone on special events like Eid or Christmas. Metal and plastic bangles are also in fashion but still such bangles can’t take the place of glass bangles when it is compare for delicacy and its designing.