Glass Bangles—Rainbow within Reach

A very colorful and interesting part of our culture is glass bangles. Whether you are in home or outside in a market, you can always hear the sweet jingling sound of glass bangles and at once become aware of a female presence without even looking. For girls and ladies of all ages, no dress looks complete without matching bangles.What about the eastern brides? They simply don’t look like brides if they are not wearing colorful glass bangles.  True, some ladies do prefer silver, gold or even diamond bangles, but the all time favorite still are glass bangles. Why are glass bangles so popular? They are inexpensive, available everywhere and most important of all they are available in all the colors you can imagine or fancy. Whether it is a wedding function or eid, an outing or a simple get together, girls don’t consider their outfit complete without wearing rainbow colors on their arms.

Glass bangles are available in a variety of ways. The most popular ones are still the plain glass bangles. These days several kinds of embellishments like tassels, small chimes, beads, sitara, glitter and various others adorn the glass bangles. They are available in all sizes. Don’t worry if you have a week old young daughter; you’ll surely find some bangles that fit her perfectly.

The female love for bangles is definitely not new. Diggings at the ancient ruins of Moenjodaro have revealed many circular bangle shaped ornaments. Glass bangles are usually circular in shape and are made of glass block of different colors. Sometimes they are directly made by batch products like sand, soda, ash, lime, fedspar,required colors, borax etc. All the materials in suitable proportions are then heated in a furnace at a high temperature of about 1350 C. The molten form after a few processes is then wrapped around a spindle which becomes the basis for the diameter of the bangles.

Did you know that Hyderabad is the world’s largest glass bangle producing city? It really is. Hyderabad not only manages to meet nearly the whole country’s supply of glass bangles but is also able to export to the rest of the world as well.