Glass Bangles-real art of Pakistan

Mainly people think that Pakistan can’t beat European standards in manufacturing glass products like Chandeliers and other decors, but it doesn’t hold truth because with the passage of time Pakistan nearly meet all the international standards which remain unapproachable because of some unexplained reasons earlier. However, one thing that decently leaves behind all the international products are Pakistani Bangles made of glass. Pakistani artists are at the top in making Glass bangles all around the world.

Bangles are a famous jewelry item it is like bracelet that Pakistani in fact all Asian women love to wear on their elegant wrist. In order to get noticed glass bangles sophisticatedly covers a portion of your wrist. Mostly, these are common in Pakistan and India where they are not taken just as handicraft but, are startlingly associated with folklore of pottery, love, femininity, imagination and delicacy. Bangles are also associated with two utilities firstly, sweet, romantic jiggling noise of bangles make the men’s hearts sway with love and affection. Secondly, matching bangles with outfit color simply add a glamorous look to the overall personality of the lady.

Days were gone when only royalties and nobilities can have wrists full with colorful glass bangles. Now, these are available at every corner of the country and are crafted in different designs and styles having vibrant colors. Ladies will agree me that these colorful glass bangles cast a more astonishing traditional impression than the gold or silver bracelets. No doubt, gold and silver has its own class but, still we can’t ignore the temptation of glass bangles. Another interesting fact about glass bangles is it is the best traditional gift on Eid, Christmas and are the vital part of a girl wedding preparation especially mehndi and Barat.

Metal and Plastic bangles are also in vogue but they can’t reach the beauty and style of glass bangles. Whenever we talk about delicacy and design glass bangles always stands first.