Gold Handicraft-exquisite art of Pakistan

Another worth mentioning and classic Handicraft in Pakistan is Gold jewelry, typically gold jewelry is not considered in Pakistan handicrafts but, because of the individualized designs, gold contents and Pakistani craftsmanship it is considered so. With these factors Pakistani jewelry is a powerful contender of one of the distinctive and highly sought after handicrafts in the entire world.

Pakistan is one of the largest gold consumer in fact Pakistani culture has in depth feelings for jewelry and are categorized into gold and artificial jewelry. In Pakistani culture gold jewelry is largely used for personal use and is not purchased for resale and gold is usually inherited from one generation to the next. Large quantity of jewelry is gifted to daughters and sons in their weddings; another observation is Pakistani save gold but will never sell it until and unless they are badly in need of cash. They think it to be their safest investment.

Traditionally, pure gold is used in Pakistan and percentage of gold jewelry is very high around 22K which counts around 97.5%. Pure gold is always mixed with some impurity like copper to mold it into desired delicate shapes and to give it strength. It is made beautiful and elegant with exquisite designs, tasteful and fine gems and stones.

Because of its increasing demand worldwide, gold rates reached to skies and it just becomes a dream to have the fine delicate piece of gold jewelry for common women. Increased prices is the reason behind changing trends of Gold jewelry into silver jewelry and people preferences to opt silver jewelry as compare to gold. Despite of rising prices and stunning designs of silver jewelry gold jewelry has its own place and still people dream for it. Gold jewelry artisans are also working hard to make the women pleased with more delicate and sizzling designs.

The best time where a woman has the chance to show off her entire gold possession is wedding ceremony in Pakistan. In Pakistani weddings married women used to have gold jewelry from head to toe, the common items includes Bangles (chorian), Forehead (jhomar), heavy necklace (Haar), rings (anghoti) and earrings (Balli).