Handicrafts- Pakistan’s identification

Pakistani handicrafts are one of the bejeweled crown of Pakistani heritage and culture. It is of various types like exquisite paintings, decorated metal craft, outstanding marble inlays. Pakistani handicrafts are well known even abroad because it carries their flourishing texture and ethnic designs. As the time flies by the arts and crafts evolve tremendously from cave to modern cities and now, Pakistani handicrafts are considered to be the integral part of the culture and is highly demanded all over the world.

Pakistan enjoys the rich history of handicrafts and it is visible from the matchless artistry of the stunning precious jewelry, colorful toys, exquisite furniture, handmade dolls, enthralling sculptures, adorable utensils, beautiful paintings and many more.

Pakistani metal crafts are the utter kaleidoscope of the craftsmanship and perfect arts in shaping silver, gold, bronze, copper and brass into intricately and marvelously designed idols, images, utility items, jewelry leaving a lasting impression in everyone’s mind. Pakistani semi precious and precious jewelry is highly demanded in every corner of the world. Pakistani nation is proud on its timeless stone jewelry representing class and royalty and narrates the saga of personality that polished these rough stones into startling looks.

Another face of Pakistani handicrafts is the superb paintings that are been crafted since time immortal. Pakistani painting started its journey from rock paintings in caves to the walls of big houses and imprints its image in every art lover’s heart across the globe. Similarly, the decorated magical earthen pots emerges from potter’s wheel are saluted at every step in the entire universe.

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