Handmade Carpet weaving-the great cultural heritage

Pakistan is very famous country for its cottage carpet industry as well as for large scale carpet industry. The handmade carpets are widely exported in all over the world.  The handmade carpet weaving is the great art of Pakistan’s cultural heritage. The history of carpet weaving in Pakistan is very broader.  Hand knotted carpets are the major export items exported in all over the world. Carpet weaving industry is one of the most revenue and profit earning business of Pakistan.  It is the cultural heritage as well as the Islamic heritage industry of Pakistan. The handmade carpets industry was became popular in the golden era of Mughal dynasty. The Mughal emperors took several solid steps for the better establishment of handmade carpet industry.

The Pakistani handmade carpets are very unique in design and pattern. The plus point of handmade carpets is the handwork, struggle and the great art of carpet weavers. Pakistani carpet weavers are very skillful in this art. The handmade carpet weaving art is migrated from father to son and then so on. This is the reason that after so many years the handmade carpet weaving is still standing at its actual position and importance. The Pakistani great and hardworking craftsmen are producing the unique and elegant pieces of handmade carpets. The most famous types of handmade carpets are motif gulls, medallions, paisleys, traceries, geometric designs.

In Bahawalpur the specific carpet weaving teaching institute is working to produce more carpet weaving craftsmen for the better establishment and promotion of handmade carpet industry in all over the world.  Baluchistan and Khyber pakhtoonkha are the most popular regions of handmade carpet weaving industry. The major part of handmade carpets are use to export abroad to earn the huge amount of revenue. Now the online stores are also working to promote and sale the handmade carpets to other countries.

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