History of Pakistani culture

Pakistan has a very diverse and multi colored culture. There are shades of different nations present in the culture of Pakistan. From centuries this region of the world that is known with the name of Pakistan was occupied by various nations of the world. And all these nations have left their mark on present modern day culture of Pakistan in some or other way.


This region of the world was once occupied by various nations like Mongolians, Eurasians, Turk, Arab Persian and many more including Hindus and British in the near past. If we study culture and language plus living of Pakistani people we will discover that there are lots of things that Pakistan has adopted from these cultures.

From food to dressing, several rituals of marriage, death and birth ceremonies are a slight example of the fact. We can also see various Persian, Arabia and Turk words used as names of the babies. Most of the Persian and Arab names are quite famous among people of Pakistan.