Hospitality- a part of Pakistani culture

A culture is made up of many things like language, customs, etiquettes and living standards. Hospitality is a big and attractive part of Pakistani culture. There are many different people living in Pakistan. All of them are having some different traditions and some different points as part of their cultures. In Pakistan you will find Pukhtoons, Panjabi, Sindhi, Balochi and many more and will clearly observe a very distinct change in their cultures like life style, dressing, language and food tradition, however, there is one common thing that you will find in all of Pakistani natives, the hospitality.

Pakistani people are very conscious about their guests, even a guest of one family is considering a guest of the whole street or village. They give them more respect and try their best to make them happy and comfortable with their attitude. They give them different gifts, and care about each and every thing. There are lots of foreigners who become very impress about hospitality of Pakistani people. All Pakistani’s are hospitable and they believe that a guest is actually blessings of ALLAH. Not only in Pakistani culture, but hospitality is also emphasized by Islam.

At the lunch time, Pakistani people try to put on a number of different dishes, sweets and fruits. They always try to present the best thing to their guests. It has also observed that many restaurants owners and shopkeepers refused to take money from foreigners whenever they visit to their restaurant or shop. The reason behind this is that, Pakistan is their home land and the foreigners are guest of their country, means are guests of every Pakistani. They feel it their moral responsibility to show extreme care and respect to their guests. Good and bad people are present every where there are certain groups in Pakistani society who are try to damage the dignifying image of Hospitable people of Pakistan, however, they are very few in numbers. The majority of Pakistani people are Hospitable enough.