Hunza valley languages and culture

In Pakistan Hunza valley is known as heaven on earth, many of the writers announce this place of the world as the “land of Peace”. About 100km north from Gilgat this valley is located at 24,40 meter elevation. Hunza Valley has a great history of war, culture and customs from the British rulers to the present time. There are different cultural festivals and different beautiful places in the Hunza valley that are presenting the beautiful picture of natural sights.

The languages that are spoken in the Hunza valley usually known as Brusho is Brushaski. It is written as Persian and Urdu script but no one is still able to determine the origin of the language. The common structure of the language consists of words from Balti, Pashtu, Persian, English, Wakhi, Chineses and central Asian states. The people of the three main areas Nagar, Hunza and Yasin have same languages apart from some of the few terms. The other two languages that are also spoken and written in these areas are Wakhi that is used in the upper Hunza and Shina that is used in the lower Hunza.

Hunza valley is very rich in cultural activities; people of the hunza valley like to celebrate all the events. Traditional dance is the most common among all age group people all over the Hunza valley. There are also many places that are important to see. In the traditional dance form people used to express their feelings, there is a special traditional band that is different in its characteristics that make this dance full of excitement and fun.

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  1. Try to study ancient and present Albanian language and Albanian traditional dances and clothes or read some Albanian writers like Ndre Mjeda or Gjergj Fishta. try to read about Albanian culture and u will find amazing things that are similiar to Albanian culture and history

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