Important Pakistani food items:

Pakistani food has a very rich culture; it is very tasty and is extremely rich. There are different varieties of dishes in Pakistani food and the usual festival menu includes the following dishes that are mostly liked and loved by the people. Any types of breads are dish up in Pakistan like

Paratha: paratha is a chapatti which is cooked with ghee or butter. It is the best bread for breakfast eaten with vegetables, curds and meat dishes.

Puri: puri is half palm sized round deep fried in oil. It is usually taken with sweet dishes and curry. This is commonly eat is the breakfast.

Sheermaal: it is cooked with butter and milk and is commonly served as sweets in marriage banquets.

Taftan: taftan is leavened flour and kneaded with saffron and cardamom. It is a flavored and sweet.

Naan: naan is made from white flour and is cooked in tandoor, and you can enjoy its full taste when it is hot.  Naan are of different types, like butter naan, khandahari naan and roghni naan etc. in wedding ceremonies naan is must in cuisine.

Rice: rice is the important dish in Pakistani food at every occasion, without rice all the preparation of the meal seems incomplete. At festive occasion it is served and it is prepared in different styles like biryani, different types of pulao including chicken pulao, vegetable pulao and pea’s pulao. But the most common and famous dish of rice is biryani.

Meat dishes: the best of Pakistani dishes is definitely meat, most of the starters like different kinds of kababs the most liked one are shami kabab, shashlik kabab and sikh kabab are made from meat. Meat is the main item of Pakistani food and can be cooked in different styles with different spices. The most popular one is mutton but beef and chicken are also famous.

Deserts: In Pakistan every meal is incomplete without sweets and deserts. So, some of the most famous deserts are gajar ki halwa, firini, sheer khurma, khulfi, kheer and etc.