Indus Valley and its Culture

Sindh has an ancient background. The history of sindh is the oldest history of the world. Sind is also known as BA’AB-UL- ISLAM.IN 1700TH CENTURY when Muhammad bin Qasim conquered the sind by defeating the Hindu raja dahir. After that here Islam flourishes a lot. The tongue of this province is sindhi which is derived from many languages. The people of Sindh inhabit the region; they had been designated after the river known in the ancient times as sindhi river, now it is known as Indus river. It was first conquered by Greek and the by Alexander the right in 325bc. Then arrived the British in 17thcentuery the name the entire sub continent as India..

India is also a Sindhi word. The history of Indus valley is extremely old. In 20th century the evidence of new civilization were found in the twin cities which are known’s as meonjodaro and Harappa. The both cities are extremely much well planned. The art work and craftwork of the both cities was much endowed. The building of the cities were made of bricks, roads public baths, well covered drainage system shows the highly organize civilization. They collapse due the massive earth quakes. The atmosphere of Sindh is extremely hot in summer and mild warm in winter. Here the rainfall is average. The major fruit of this city is mango and date palm. The Sindhi folk dance is hugely famous, and people enjoy it well.Sindh has played a very important role in the independence. The first Pakistan resolution was passed in Sindh Assembly in the British era. After the independence, Sindh has produced many talented leaders like ZULFQAR ALI BHUTTO AND BENZIR BHUTTO and their family members. Here in Sindh the standard of education is extremely low so, we have to work on it.


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