International Day of Rural Women

UN (United Nation) International Day of Rural Women was pragmatic on October 15 all over the world including Pakistan just to feel the role of rural women in supporting and helping their communities.

It makes us familiar with importance of rural women in enhancing rural development and agricultural achievements worldwide. Many Government agencies, people, communities and non Government associations also celebrate the International Day of Rural Women on 15th of October each year.

TV, Print media, online resources, and radio broadcast and publish special featured programs just to promote this auspicious day. The trend of celebrating International Day of Rural Women was observed in 2008.

This special day was established under the resolution of 62/136 on 18the December 2007 by General assembly emphasizing “the crucial role and involvement of all the rural women together with indigenous women in attaining agricultural and rural development to eradicate rural poverty and to improve food security of their country”.

People are now, aware with this day women are rightly and equally recognized for their contribution in supporting democracy movements, peace and human rights. They also made contribution in sustaining development of the country as the rural women are more than one quarter of total population. In rural areas about 500 million women live below poverty line and only women produces 60-80% of the food stuffs in Caribbean and sub Saharan Africa.