Iqbal Day

The great nations never forget the contributions of their leaders. Allama Iqbal is one of the greatest leaders who worked whole heartedly during the entire struggle to get a free homeland for Muslims. He has been given a title of National Poet. Iqbal was born on 9th of November 1877. And he dedicated to work for the rights and the freedom of the Muslims who were enslaved in sub-continent. Iqbal was the man who initiated the journey to win a separate homeland for the Muslims by giving an idea of Pakistan in one of his addresses in Allahabad.

His poetry gives a message of love, peace, hard work, brotherhood and unity to the Muslims. The iqbal message is the message of continues struggle to achieve the goal. Pakistanis fully acknowledge the sincerity, honesty and the hard work of their great poet whose poetry can still make the people to feel the warmth of love for their beloved country. On Iqbal day, the whole nation determined to follow the golden rules laid by the great leader for them.

In schools, colleges and universities, the debates competitions are held on iqbal’s life and the message he gave in his poetry. On T.V channels the critics come to analyze the poetic message of the great poet. Many famous singers in Pakistan have also sung the poems of Iqbal which are really liked by the people. The whole day of iqbal birth is dedicated to these great poet efforts in the movement of Pakistan. It is the part of Pakistani culture that Pakistani people give due regard to their national heroes. The nations only become great when they keep the message of their leaders alive and convey them to their next generation. Iqbal’s philosophy is a philosophy of life which shows Pakistanis an ideal way to live in the world and to die with a love for the beloved homeland.