Japanese Cultural event in Pakistan

An event has been held at Rawalpindi Arts Council in cooperation with  Japanese Embassy for the exhibition of calendars featuring different characteristics regarding culture and traditions of Japan on Tuesday.

Total of 120 calendars are being displayed in the calendar show of japan. The show will continuously entertain natives that are fond of culture and traditions till January 31, 2012.

Basic idea of the presentation is to express the real values of Japanese people, their arts, way of living, life styles, photography , wildlife and many more. Many of the historical places have also been printed in calendars. The theme of whole exhibition was related to japan.

Japan’s cultural and traditional exhibition not only tells about the old era but it has a chain of eras from dust to dawn of developments. Printing technology of Japan was also been an argumentative topic throughout the exhibition so far.

It has been suggested by the officials that after the conclusion of exhibition by the end of this week, all the cultural and traditional calendars of japan will be circulated to the visitors through lucky draw.

Hioshi Oe, Japanese Ambassador claimed that this exhibition became the most popular event in Pakistan ever organized by Japan in many years. It is great opportunity for the peoples of Pakistan to come and understand our ritual values. It is not only an exhibition but an informative event too.