Jashn-e-Baharan festival

In Pakistan culture there are different colors and have different traditions that are celebrated all over the Pakistan. But people of Lahore have very much passionate for festivals and festivities. When the nippy winter give away to the pleasant spring season in the mid of the February, then Lahories invite visitors from all over the world to join and spot the spring. The Basant Kite festival, also held in Lahore, also celebrated in spring with large number of decorated multicolored kites flying above the roof and flying throughout the city. Throughout the year people from different part of the country attracted to participate in this occasion. Traditional festival, music, cuisine are celebrated with lovely kite flying competitions that increases the frenzy and jubilations of thrill. This occasion is celebrated with music performer perform on drum beat, play music and other hala gula and change the spring festival into a unique festival and keep the performer coming back every  year.