Jashn e Chitraal Festival

The festival in chitral called jashn e chitraal festival, celebrated from 15 to 22 september each of the year. A weeklong festival as the cultural activities and traditional activities that held in the mountain of Hindukush and karakoraum region. The CAMAT (Chitraal Association for Mountain area tourism) gives the initiative for the festival that has been revived after 20 years. This is a big festival for the chitralians and involves the events organizing through the volunteers from various sections of society and all of the participation of community people.

Due to lack of support and many other things included in increasing motivation like encouragement, privilege, or financial aid etc in the 70’s and also because of the appearance of the electronic media the imported sport was introduced to the jashn could not be held for many years. But before 70’s the state of chitraal highly supported the festivels in chitraal and other activities and events too.

The jashn e chitraal festivals were one of the great opportunities for many other communities to come closer to each other and also it is the reason of large publicity of the festivals. Various events were combined in one of this jashn included

  • Poetry
  • Traditional sport
  • Sitar music

The winners in the team from all events were truly honored and motivated by giving privileges. After the need to revive the festival, CAMAT (chitraal association for mountain area tourism) revived again the traditional sports and the youth and elders of chitral were motivated again to join the events. The 15 groups that perform dancing, singing and sitar music, these are from different areas and regions like northern areas etc.

The jashn is now centered of attraction for the people nationally and also on the international level.

The following events are scheduled each year enlisted below:

  • Kalaash festivals and events in Birrir.
  • Chitraali dance and singing.
  • Horse races.
  • At ShaSha cliffs rock climbing is held.
  • Traditional handcrafts.
  • Rolling down Chitral River.
  • On Wooden logs placed over water, wrestling games held.
  • Swimming across torrential rivers.
  • Between Nuristani tribes Archery contests famous.
  • Local drama.
  • Mushaira.
  • Sitar Music.

Horse Race