Jewelry Trends in Pakistan

Jewelry culture in Pakistan is very rich. It was initially famous in female part of the country but now it is also gaining popularity in male factor also. Jewelry designs and material was simple in earlier years, as time passed modernity and modification touch its peak in jewelry trends. In Pakistan jewelry was worn by married girls, single girls were not used to wear jewelry, it was considered symbol for the married women. Mostly jewelry was available in gold and gold is very expensive still. Silver jewelry is also common in Pakistani culture. Gold is mostly worn by married one, however different types of material is used in designing of jewelry. Bangles are very common jewelry item; girls are very fond of wearing bangles. Gold bangles are mostly worn by married girls. Bangles are available in different forms like in plastic, steel, and fine quality glass in multiple colors. Tikka, Matha Pati, Nathli, Pazeeb and necklace set are specialized jewelry items are for married girls. Rings are like in both sectors, male and female in Pakistani culture. Males are used to wear rings with birth stone. Single girls wear simple designs of jewelry as to be recognized as single in the society. Widows are not allowed to do makeup or wear jewelry and colored dresses but it comes in our culture from subcontinent, however there is no such sort of restriction in Islam. Bracelets are another common element worn by Pakistani boys and girls. Boys wear bracelet in form of friendship band, however there is no space of wearing jewelry by males in Islamic culture. In recent years jewelry has changed in various forms and shapes, on rasm-e-hina, rose jewelry is wear by the bride. The color full natural flowers are used for making this. Jewelry is considered symbol of happiness in female’s life in Pakistani culture.