Kabaddi is very famous game in Asian countries; it is originated from South Asia. It is more popular in Southeast Asia and South Asia. It is considered as the state game of Andhra Pradesh of India and Punjab, it is a national game of Bangladesh. The name kabaddi is derived from Hindi word which means”holding of breath”. In this game there are two teams of seven member wearing shorts and socks. In Punjab the kabaddi style is known as the “circle kabaddi” or “ring kabaddi”, it is played in a circle, one raider is crossing the opposite semi circle where four stopper arm in arm are trying to stop him. The raider has to mark one of the four stoppers and ran back to his own circle crossing the dividing line and gain point for his team. But if the marked person can undertake the raider and push him out of their bounce then the stopper team gain the points. Raiders from both the team come alternatively. Every time a player that is out from a team the opposite team gain the points when a team make bonus of two points it is known as “lona” and if all the members in the team are out then that team with the highest points is declared as the winner.


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