Kalash valley

In Pakistan Kalash Valley is one of the most important tourist attractions. It is located in the Chitral district in Pakistan. This valley has very remarkable background and its history has much debates. But still no one knows the exact history of the valley. According to one of the myths of area, the soldiers of the army of Alexander the Great were established in this valley. The people of Kalash have their own religion actually they have no religion. They are the supporters of the old pagan tribes. This is the reason they are known as kafir Kalash. The Kalash valley is itself the combination of three other valleys. The name of these valleys is Rumboor, Birir and Bumburate.  In these three the most beautiful and largest one is Bumburate, it has many beautiful sceneries.

The people of kalash belong to old tribe and they have their own culture and religion. They have very amazing and unique culture; they live in small villages which they built on the hill parts. These villages are situated at the bank of the river and streams. They built their homes in irregular shaped logs. People mostly constructed double stories because of the steepness and slop of the area. They are very energetic and lively people. They spent very simple life, they used to wear very traditional dresses, girls and women use traditional headdress. Mostly women of kalash have tattoos on their face; they celebrate and enjoy their festivals with great celebrations. They are the great lover of music and they love to dance. Kalash people have light brown eyes and have blonde color which shows their link with the Europe.

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