Karachi Literature festival 2nd day

Karachi: Karachi Literature festival (KLF) has done a great job to bring back the lights for Karachi city. 2nd day of the festival was seen more crowded than the opening day. Eminent scholar, Arfa Sayeda Zehra was also present in the event and expressed her views on a discussion titled “Kaargaah-e-Sheesha Gari”

She was invited to share her views on the discussion hosted the renowned poetess Fatima Hassan. The discussion was focused on the use of Urdu language and Literature. Zayeda Zehra as usual opposed the Urdu language as a medium of communication between the troops in her traditional style.

“Urdu is not a lashkari language or the language of armies; the beauty and delicacy of this language cannot be defined by a group of combative people.”

Sayeda Zehra put forward her views saying that

“It is a universal truth to first teach the child in his or her own mother tongue,” Zehra said.

She added that it is totally unbelievable about our language not being treated as our own heritage. She still is unable to find the reason behind the downfall of Urdu among the youth of Pakistan.

Discussion head, Fatima supporting Zehra’s point of view said that Urdu language still has got its own significance and is equally comparable. There are many literatures in other languages which failed to provide the true essence of reading as compared to Urdu language. Zehra sang coupled by Mirza Ghalib and placed an open challenge before the audience to bring similar thought in any other world’s language.

Mat Pooch Ke Kia Haal He Mera Tere Peeche

Tu Dekh Ke kia Rang He Tera Mere Aagey

While Fatima stated that

“Literature is a binding force between the people and more powerful than history, as it absorbs history and turns it into something bigger.”