Kashmiri Pashmina- unique and real Cashmere:

Kashmir is in the north west of Indian subcontinent, it covers the areas of India administration Jamu and Kashmir and from Pakistan administration Gilgat and Baltistan. Pashmina is the name of supreme Cashmere. It is the most unique and genuine cashmere. Hundreds of years ago the queen of all   wools was invented in Kashmir. The art of making Pashmina in Kashmir valley is considered to be as old as 3000 years B.C. in the past, only the elite and the rich people had the rights to take the pleasures of lavish and luxurious fabric. It decorated the court of Caesar and also was considered as pride of Marie Antoinette, a French Queen. Supreme locks of Kashmari shawls are very impressive. It is presented by Napoleon to Empress Josephine . Till the mid of the twentieth century only the Kashmir’s kings had the only authority to purchase all the Pashmina Tibet and other higher areas of Hamalayas.

These Pashminas resulted in the foundations of successful cottage industry in Kashmir and has taken to the excellence in the art of pashmina crafting. The crafting of Kashmir cashmere is work concentrated and on average it takes almost 200-250 hours of hard work to develop without embroidery a single pure simple kashmiri shawls.