Khamak-A Kandahar Tradition

Khamak is a complicated type of embroidery; it is in the silk thread and is also the trademark of Kandhar. Mostly in the early age girls learn this earliest art and they keep doing it through their whole life. This art is inspired from a complicated geometric pattern of the Islam. Khamak is recognized by the expert as the best embroidery technique of the world. Traditionally it is used to beautify the floor length attractive shawls of the Southern Afghan men and also on women head covering, table linen and on girls wedding trousers.

Khamak can be form from the threads of the fabric like linen and cotton are the good raw material for khamak to stitch with silk thread in a geometric shape. It can be done in the sitting position above the bending knee. It holds different natural themes like trees, flowers and leaves with the Islamic art geometric shape. Kandahar’s women combine by their creative art the geometric and natural shapes to create something that is exactly similar to their ancestor’s creations. So, they are in continuous process of creating something new and unique, many of which have been showed to the public. The women of Southern Afghanistan mostly depend on their men as exhibitors of their art work, and they also learned it naturally to show the best embroidery on their clothes to the public.

This work also gives relief from dull, hollow and day to day life, with this work the women shows their inners wishes for artistic beauty. This is the best way for them to calm their mind by diverting their thoughts to the creation of the beautiful designs and it gives them peace of the mind.