khattak dance of Pukhtuns

Khattak Dance

Khattak dance is the fast moving dance of the Khatak tribe of Pakhtuns in Pakistan. This dance is performed on fast music consists of drumbeats by sticks. Large number of men dancing together having handkerchief and swords in their hands and they are performing energetic feats. There are three forms of khatak dance, Bhangra, Dulbullah and Shahdola. There are 12 steps in the dance demanding great skills of the performers. There is also solo performance that is performed alternatively and also creates rhythm with the rest of the people of the dance group. While in Bhangra every dancer move round and carrying sword, while in Darbae two young man having handkerchief and sword in their hands start dancing in front of the man and the remaining members have to wait for their turn.

Khattak dance

A group of four performers in the Laila dance form having two swords and everyone while moving in a circle have to perform a stunt. The fastest and most daring of all the steps is Braghoni, it is performed by single dancer having three swords, holding the one sword in the mouth and swings the other two swords in the air. The last of the twelve steps is the Bulbullah it is performed without a sword. At high pitch dancers sung love songs, and the drum beat increases at the end of the song and then it goes on. One can best enjoy this dance while watching live. At the end people from the crowd also come and join them in the dance and enjoying a lot.

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