Khussa- atraditional shoes:

Khussa is a type of shoes which are worn by both men and women in Pakistan. These special shoes are the part of Pakistani tradition as well as are the fashion accessories which never go outdated. Khussa are initially popular among villagers but letter on are become an important fashion staples. These are not only stylish and versatile but at the same time are very much comfortable. Khussa go best with any kind of out fit like both traditional and modern dresses. You can find these shoes in different materials, designs and colors. Men usually use to wear them with a traditional dress known as Kurta while women can wear them with any type of out fit or even can use as a matching accessory with a designer out fit.

Khussa’s are handmade flattened shoes made from a soft material and its upper part is usually decorated with different things like thread work, mirrors, beads, shells and brass nails. Pakistan is popular all over the world for the supply of best quality and unique designed Khussa. It is hard to find any bazaar and market without the shops of Khussa. Nowadays, Khussa are the most demanding fashion accessories of Pakistani women and they use to spend lots of money on the purchase of different styles and colors khussa.

Initially Khussa’s were only crafted with hands but nowadays due to technological advancement these can be manufactured with the help of machines. There are also a number of crafters available in Pakistan who is still manufacturing these classical fashion items in a tradition style with the use of traditional tools. Khussa’s are available in different price ranges according to their quality, craftsmanship and designs. This timeless and artistic footwear is capable of adding an extra charm to your overall look and at the same time is enhancing the beauty of your feet.