Khussa–Traditional yet Stylish

Fashions come and go away but style  stays put. So just be stylish and elegant; wear khussa!

Khussas have been our traditional foot wear for hundreds of years. They are not only comfortable to wear, they are a piece of our living heritage. Each pair of khussa is carefully crafted to precision by hand. Khussas are made of  finest, soft, real leather. Hand embroidery in various patterns and exquisite designs, adorns the top part of the khussa. Embroidery is of several kinds; pure silver and golden tilla ( a sort of metallic thread), multicolored thread work, sitara work, bead work, tassels and mirror work as well. When hand embroidery is done, they are stitched by hand to give them their special shape. The comfort they provide is due to the love and care taken during the production of each pair.You can find khussas in every color you can imagine. When you enter a shop, you find as if the rainbow has come inside the shop instead of adorning the sky!

Khussas have different shapes depending on the region they belong. For example Multan has a famous range of Khussas that look like slip on slippers. Shurkpuri Khussas have white tilla work on red, black or skin colored base. A famous kind of gents Khussa is Saleem Shahi; the Khussa that has a curled toe in the front. Wazirabadi Khussas have intricate cut work designs on top.

Khussas go with any look and any dress. For girls and ladies, they look amazing with shalwar kameez and chooridar pajamas. They look great with jeans,too. No wedding function is complete without khussa. Mayoon, Mehndi, dholki, barat or valima; whatever the function may be; khussa not only adds color to your dress but adds charm to it in great style. Khussa looks equally good for Eastern and Western outfits. For gents, no kurta shalwar look can be complete without a great pair of khussa.  Wearing khussa with jeans gives you a cool look!

Another good thing about Khussa is that you can wear them everywhere; from semi formal to casuals, they blend in splendidly. Whatever the season may be, Khussas are always there for you!