Kulla- Emblem of Pakistani Culture

Weddings in Pakistani culture is celebrated with great pomp and show, Bridal couture is not more than a pretty doll dress for “Lady of the evening” but groom also tries his level best to flaunt show stopper dress. Groom is also as special as a bride on his wedding that is why the stylists and designers pay their best efforts to groom’s style to gear up for the big big day.

Groom’s style on wedding day largely depends on personal preferences but traditional outlooks are the first priority and it varies from culture to culture. Pakistani grooms usually wear an embellished sherwani or kurta which is accessorized by a beautiful elegant Kulla or turban. This outfit beautifully portrays Pakistani Traditional groom. Kulla is the emblem of wedding day and is often designed in combination with brides dress.

Turbans are available in different shapes and designs which are crafted in groom’s favorite color. In Pakistan Grooms opt bold colors that go best with brides outfit and to the entire theme of the wedding decoration. Traditional colors are red and maroon, some fashionistas make use of more than one color in kulla. For more glamorous look Groom style incorporates a similar fabric and shade to that of bride’s dress in Kulla. Mostly oversized kulla’s are recommended for more majestic looks, it is also made elegant with a tassel or brooch.

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