Kullhpuri- traditional shoes

Kollhpuri shoes are traditional shoes in Pakistan and are usually made from leather; use the skin of different animals like buffalo and many other animals. These shoes are made in the “Kollapur” a small town of “India” they are handmade shoes; they are very much popular in Pakistan. Many unique and different styles of Kollhpuri chappals are available on different shops at very economical prices. Kollhpuri chappals fashion formerly came from sub-contenent and initially adopted from Hindus. After that Pakistanis has made changes in its designs like now they adorned Kollhpuris with different laces, pom pomy and beads work. It is very simply made by joining the two pieces of leather and stitches with a very thin string of leather and makes it very comfortable and long lasting for everyone.

Both men and women can wear the Kullhpuri chappals, the latest fashion of Kullhpuri shoes for girls are flat with delicate gota and is made from silver and golden complicate work, the simple leather polished in different colors commonly black and brown are very famous. These shoes are available at “Khaadis” a very well known brand that trade every kind of traditional product, and have a very wide range of Kullhpuri chappals in different colors including silver, violet to electric green and golden color. “Khussa Mahal” in liberty market is very well known and old shop of Kullhpuri chappals and you can get each and every kid of Kullhpuri chappals from there.

You can get these shoes from Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi and Multan. Despite of many trends in shoes the popularity of “Kullhpuri chappals” has not been blurred, it has its own special place in the Pakistani culture. These chappals look very good and beautiful with casual dresses and you can wear these shoes on all occasions.