Lahore’s Famous Hareesa Shops

Lahore is famous for its healthy and nutritious breakfasts across the world. If you visit Lahore – extremely rich in food culture, you will find people crowded over all famous traditional food restaurants. It does not matter whether it is time to eat or not. All the day and night food eateries are serving Lahorites the delicious meals. One of this is Hareesa. Indeed, this cuisine is originated in Kashmiri, but now it has become the famous breakfast of Lahore.

There are many finest points of Hareesa in Lahore, but Gawalmandi is rich in traditional hareesa shops like Amratsari Hareesa and Kaghani Kashmiri Hareesa. Both are located in Nisbat road and claimed to be oldest shops of Hareesa. Though the price per kilogram of hareesa is very high, but Lahorites are food lovers and they do not care about money for quality food. Hareesa is sold Rs. 700/- per kilogram.

Both shops Amratsari hareesa and Kaghani Kashmiri hareesa are good competitors and they sell world’s top class hareesa. Kaghani kashmiri hareesa have installed a famous `deg` in the ground and follow to the letter the ways of Sadruddin Butt who was their forefather master . In their shop they have a `tandoor` which produces exquisite `kulchas`. They cook only one `deg` a day. However, this deg is not enough for Hareesa lovers. Lahorites love to eat hot hareesa on winter Sundays.

Hareesa is served with a small portion of it with the traditional mini meat kababs. The excellent flavor of crushed grains and the delicious meat fiber blend is unforgettable.