Languages of Pakistan

In Pakistan society we can find the diversity of culture which is deep rooted in the land of Pakistan. Before partition, many people with a number of contrasting values, norms and life styles were living in the sub-continent and they all left a strong impact onto cultural heritage of Pakistan.

National language

Pakistan has a number of languages which are an important part of its cultural heritage. Urdu is given a standard of national language while in all the four provinces their own provincial languages are being spoken by the people. Most of the languages of Pakistan belong to the Indo-European language family. Urdu being a national language is widely used both formally and informally for letters and for public literature. Urdu has been promoted to promote national unity. The influence of provincial languages including Pashto, Punjabi and Sindhi on Urdu is undeniable. A big population of Pakistan can speak and understand Urdu being a national language.

Provincial languages

Among the provincial languages Punjabi is spoken by more than 44%of Pakistanis in almost all parts of Pakistan. Different areas have their Punjabi dialects. The famous poet Waris Shah is considered to be a symbol of Punjabi poetry. Punjabi has Hindko, Saraiki, Pothwari dialects.  Pashto is spoken by 15.5% of Pakistanis mostly in Khyber pakhtunkhwa and in Balochistan. Sindhi is spoken by 15.5% of Pakistanis mainly in Sindh.It has a rich literature and is used in schools. Balochi is spoken by 4%of Pakistanis mainly in balochistan.Balochi poets tend to be very good poets in Urdu and in Balochi as well.

Religious and international languages

Arabic is considered to be the religious language of Pakistan. It is obligatory for every Muslim to learn to read it being the part of the Holy Quran. English is given a status of international language so in Pakistan all the official documents are written in English so a large number of people in Pakistan can read and understand it.