Lok mela- festival highlights

Lok Virsa is a national festival of Pakistan where everyone can see different colors of traditional culture of Pakistan. Participants and performer come from all parts of the Pakistan to show their culture, in this way the visitors experience and feel the different tastes, heritage and culture of Pakistan in one place. There are different exhibition areas to show different crafts of the particular province. The major craft of the azad jammu and Kashmir in the Kashmir pavilion it includes namda and gabba (floor rugs and wall hangings), kashmiri embroidery shawls, basketry, wood works, jewelry and metal crafts and etc.

In the Punjab pavilion you will find the traditional food and singing and listening Punjab folk songs. To catch the attraction there will also be Punjab handicrafts display. In the Balochistan pavilion you will see the baluchi lifestyle and will see various skills of their art work. The most important choice of the people is the leather crafts and the date leaves crafts. One may also enjoy the baluchi folk songs and their famous traditional dish “Sijji”. In the Sindh site you will enjoy the sindhi life style, villages scene, men and women working, different crafts and also their traditional songs and the most one is “ajrak” a traditional shawl of the Sindh is the main attraction of the sindhi pavilion.

In the NWFP pavilion one can see the Pakhtun culture their crafts, costume and cuisine. Impressive copper and brass metal crafts are displayed in different ways with the traditional baskets. Stone statue is also shown in diversified fashion and style. Pathan dancers show their traditional dance called “Khatak dance” and a traditional dish of “Chappal kabab” for eating. Apart from these other preparation are musical galas, Lok virsa’s display and sale stall, craft bazaar and cuisines.

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