Luxurious and attractive Shakarparian hills located in Islamabad are at its best at the time of spring .the abundance of the nature can be commissioned by holding the lok mela also known as folk festival in lok virsa every year. It creates a picture of rural Pakistan in the eye of the visitors. From various religions and corners of Pakistan displaying of beautiful traditions costumes, handicrafts and arts took place in this festival. Lok mela is considered as a key to understand the psyche of Pakistani people and through this festival to have a better understanding of Pakistan.
The main features of lok mela includes the folk music, art works exhibition and a craft bazar and puppet shows .in this huge event the craftsmen and artisans recreate their products in a such a way that the visitors are delighted by viewing their marvelous skills. There are dozens of groups drawn from every rural areas of Pakistan gather in national folk musical festival. These groups play their traditional folk music. There are number of people who attend this colorful event and honor the talents. Furthermore the poetry composition is performed for the ceremony of Dastarbandi and Chadarposhi. In this event drum rolls and balloons are flown in to the sky.
In this festival people from different cultures performances are displayed by each of the participating regions, presenting Pakistan’s rich culture and unity in varieties. People with different walks of life for example artisans ,gold artists, singers ,performers art and craft experts students attend this festival and for some amazing performances. Thousands of people gather to display a rich treasure of the craft heritage of Pakistan. Folk dances performed in this festival includes, khattak dance, sheedi, bugti and dharees. Different types of puppet shows and magic shows also become a part of Lok Mela festival.