Lok Virsa- National Institute of folk heritage

In 1974 Lok Virsa was established, it is an expert institute with experts in research and development of the local art and crafts. The main objective of Lok Virsa is to give knowledge and create awareness about the Pakistani culture and heritage. Lok Virsa does this by making different arrangements like disseminating, documenting, collecting and projecting folk and traditional heritage. Collecting art from different part of the country in one platform and then its certification is at the heart of the organization mission. In the past few years Pakistani Cultural heritage has continuously been surpasses and also influenced from other culture.

Lok Virsa was developed for preserving thoroughly and systematically the cultural heritage and also strengthens its identity, and this institute is fulfilling its duty very beautifully. Since its beginning it is serving for different purposes, it has been involved in exploring, collecting, documenting, protecting and broadcasting the folk, oral tradition and traditional culture. It is playing very important role in developing and improving the roots of Pakistani culture and showing the true individuality of the culture. The other best work done by Lok Virsa developed different Museums and cultural complexes to display different arts and crafts, rare objects from different part of Pakistan and cultural artifacts.