Luddi- is a cultural dance in Punjab:

Luddi is a cultural dance of Punjab and it is performed on their different occasion likes wedding, mehndi, mayoon, Basant and in many other festivals. Luddo is alos performed by the small kids in school as a skit. They look very beautiful by wearing same dresses and performing same steps. The costume for Luddi is a simple and plain loose shirt. It is performed by placing one nad on the back of other and one before the face. This dance is with the body movement snake like. This dance can also be performed with the drummer at the center. In Luddi there are two form of dances Ghidha and sammi. Ghidha is more popular and Sammi is not as much popular and is a bit famous in the tribe’s huts. This dance is mostly famous in the privacy of the women. This women’s dance is also in the same pattern as that of the Giddah. The performer stands in a circle moving their hands bringing up and down from the side and up in the front of the chjest and clap than take their hands down in the same motion and clap again. Repeating this practice again and again and moving in circle.  This movement is continuous with the beat of the feet and different types of hand movements are performed, there is no need of any musical instrument it can be maintain by the clapping and beating of feet.  A special dress is design for Luddi, this dress is same for both male and female. In this dance chuttki is the frictional sound of a one note that is also produced in the dance and is keep with the clap of the hands and beat of the feet. Bhngra dance is also a famous dance in Punjab, and mostly boy perform it on every happy occasion with dholl and enjoy their steps.