Making of Chicks

The cultural art “Chick making” is very old and traditional art in Pakistan; most of the artisans have had this art in their families since long time, at that time it was just a simple art. There is no proper degree or any guidance to learn something creative and innovative. It depends upon the demand and choices of the customers, which brings changes and innovations in these chicks.  The most common practice is that few samples are made and hang it on the walls when customers visit the shop they can place an order and also ask for changes, and sometime they also show you a design and order you to make it. In this way innovation comes in the chick designs.

Procedure for making these chicks is very simple and also interesting. It is interesting to know that the work of artisan is same as that of a manager like to divide his work into small pieces of work. The artisan has plan in his mind, so he starts his homework to make these chicks, and also make arrangements for all those ornaments which are used in the decoration of these chicks. After these initial preparations now he cut the wood into pieces then it is painted and polished with light and dark brown color. After that these pieces with thread of Pasham are stitched together and special kind of needle is used for it. Then all the ornaments for its decoration are used and decorate it very beautifully at the back and sides of the chick a cloth is stitched to make it strong and beautiful.

Chicks are culturally used in houses in Pakistan mostly in middle class and also in elite class for decoration purposes. They give a very traditional as well as very stylish look; these chicks are also traded abroad in this way they also play an important role in the economy of the country.