Mango festival-Summer fun

Summer is the pleasant time when Pakistan gets mangoes all around. Pakistan is blessed not only with beautiful climate and other localities it is also blessed with mouth watering and sweet mangoes. In different villages of Pakistan every summer mango festivals are arranged throughout the summer season with sweet and delicious mangoes. Pakistan especially Multan is blessed with verity of mangoes such as chunssa, anwar lator, juisehri and many more. Multan is considered as the hub of mangoes. It is such a joyful event everyone loves to eat mangos they are so excited and participate in various activities just to make the event memorable. They enjoy cutting mangoes; pulling chair, do proper sitting arrangement and countless other things.

Mango Man

Special arrangements are made for the festival like catchy logos and beautiful models of mangoes are prepared. All the participants are usually suggested to come in yellow shirts and mango mania is elegantly organized with different fun games and mangoes. On the beats of drum bhangra is usually performed. There are water fight and other games along with mango eating competitions. In mango festivals prize for the game winners are a box full of mangoes which is warmly received by winner. Musical chair is also the vital part of this festival and is not only arranged for children even young, old all are motivated to play this game and make the festival more terrific.

Balloons for Water fight

Mango festival is usually followed by a delicious dinner and is celebrated mostly on farm houses or other open areas. It is one of the most celebrated events especially in summers and Pakistani’s across the world wait for summer to enjoy mangoes and mango festival.