Marriage Etiquettes

Every society and culture has its own ritual and customs to celebrate the happy and the sad vents of life and same is the case with Pakistani society. If we start from the marriage etiquettes on Pakistani society it would be a great fun to read that how people celebrate the marriage ceremony in their society.

In Pakistani society the proposals of both boys and girls are mostly decided by the parents but it does not mean that the Pakistani impose marriages on their kids rather the consent of the girl and boy is also considered important. Once the date for the marriage is fixed both the sides start preparation and shopping for the wedding day. New dresses are made and girls buy matching jewellery with their clothes.

MahandiThe first function of marriage is known as “Mehndi”. This is celebrated at night. In this girls put “Hina on bride’s hands and almost every girl puts “Mehndi” on her hand with beautiful designs.

Next day is the Barat. This is the function in which girls and boys are tied into the sacred relation of husband and wife.

BaratA “Nikah”   is a bond which ties them together. The groom comes to the bride’s house and after lunch bride is sent with groom after greeting the whole family. The time to leave her home and family is really a sad for the girl and her parents bid her farewell with tears in their eyes.

After “Barat”, next day a “Waleema” is arranged in groom’s house. Where the bride’s family comes to meet her and they have a lunch at groom’s side.

These all celebrations are done in a very organized form. Every thing is arranged before time so that there is no problem at the moment.

In all these celebrations “Dholak” or drum beauty remains as an important part of the wedding. Girls sing beautiful wedding songs and men do bhangra, a traditional dance.

With all those celebrations marriage functions comes to an end leaving behind wonderful joyful memories of the occasion.