Marriages In Pakistan-Reflection Of Traditions And Family Values


In Pakistan most commonly happened marriages are arranged. These marriages are the categories of groom and bride’s families liking and wishes to fix it. Therefore, all the arrangement of those weddings couples would be done by the whole families. In Pakistan, marriages are considered as livelihood of adults and customary standard. Marriages between groom and bride are not expressed as their close relationship, but between those families it is extremely envisioned as an excellent understanding. Because of this reason, mostly marriages are observably arranged according to the parents’ desires.

Arrange marriages conceived as the inherent and constitutional character in Pakistan social group for a number of hundred years. Furthermore, that is somewhat common fixing their marriages by elders and family members for every individual. Usually arrange marriages are based on looking at both families caste, background, wealth, social status, potentials and a lot additional. Generally, arrange marriages are between the lengthened family members such as relatives or cousins.
Most of the points will be validated through a small illustration. Generally, arrange marriage is preferred in all four provinces of Pakistan. Usually, in arrange marriages the relatives and parents of the groom will visit the bride’s residence and set forward their proposal. If the relatives and parents of the bride accept the proposal of groom’s relatives and parent’s once, then the ceremony of “Mangni” will took place. The engagement function is known as Mangni in Pakistan, and it took place like a majestic celebration with the company of friends and relatives. When both families fix the marriage date, both bridegrooms with their parents gather at the bride place for the ceremony of Nikah.
Love’s marriages are mostly not accepted by the people of Pakistan. Because of this love, marriages are difficult to happen in Pakistan. People are so stuck according to their culture and tradition. In Pakistan, the circumstances will be very dangerous to marry with your own choice person. Although the law and commandment allow the women to marry with her preference person, but both the groom and bride relatives and parents will never accept their wedding. Moreover, their marriage will be conceived as the dishonor of the religious customs and their family by the people. Due to this at cases, her partners will be murdered and in few cases, the girl family will kill her to teacher a lesson to other girls in family not to take this step against the parent’s decision.


Generally, mission of love marriage is difficult for the people to make it successful. The people who are culture and traditional passionate in Pakistan, particularly existing in the rural area will never ever accept the system of love marriages. They will not only break their relationship them but also separate them into pairs. Furthermore, the married couple will also be sent to the jail as they wed against the wish of their relatives and parents. While in some cases due to marrying somebody without the acceptance and approval of parents and relatives the boy or girl will be buried or imbibed on the ground.
Because of all above reasons mostly arrange marriages will happen in Pakistan. The weddings will decide with the acceptance and approval of both relatives and parents.  People attended these arrange weddings as grand celebration according to their potentials and abilities.