Mayoon – Pakistani Wedding function


Pakistan is the best place for wedding where ever you are and who ever you are, you will find no other place better than Pakistan for marriage celebrations. All this due to the colorful and splendid celebrations of wedding that consists of four days that are very busy but happy days. In Pakistan marriages are celebrated in very traditional way and these traditions are followed from generations to generations. Those who are living abroad must know the value and the importance of these celebrations on wedding and will definitely agree with me that there is no place where wedding celebrations are better than Pakistan wedding celebrations.

Those people who wish to experience these beautiful and unforgettable celebrations must come to Pakistan. In Pakistan wedding is full of colorful and traditional celebrations that add a modern as well as traditional look.

There are four colorful occasions on wedding, the first one is

Mayoon: this is the first day this is known as Mayoon and yellow color is the symbol of Mayoon and upton. There are different regions and every region will give its own name to this day so, don’t get confused.

The bridal and groom will never see each other from the Mayoon day. A bride celebrates this day with her family and friends at her place so the celebrations of this day are doubled. On Mayoon all the girls and bride wearing yellow colors dresses and boy having yellow dopattas. Groom also celebrates this day with his friends and family at his place. Here all the members also wearing yellow colors and everyone can design their attire by their own choice just yellow color is common for everyone. There are dances, songs and dholki all these things increase the charm of this day. Then groom’s family comes to bride’s home and applies uppton to the bride and does some celebrations.

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