Mehndi tattoos-the symbol of joy

Pakistan is the central institute of eastern culture. All the tradition and customs of Pakistan reflect the rays of eastern culture in all over the world. Way of life, occasions, rituals, and religious festival is the worthless treasure of Pakistan. Pakistan has the endless ultimate treasure of eastern culture. We all love our traditions and culture heritage and we can even die for the protection of our culture and tradition. In Pakistan, The religious as well as formal occasions are celebrated with great interest, respect and arrangements. Each Pakistani plays a unique role in celebrating their religious and formal occasions.

The Pakistani girls are the God gifted beauty of Pakistan.  Girls of all the ages possess the specific eastern beauty and look. Pakistani girls plays a vital role in the development and promotion of Pakistani culture in all overt the world. Pakistani girls contribute a great part in all occasions either they are religious or formal. The elder girls as well as teen agers all take great interest in the celebration of these occasions. For example in marriage occasion girls enjoys a lot. They heartily celebrated all the function of marriage ceremony specifically mehndi. One or two days before the marriage starts, girls made Mehndi tattoos on their hands, arms and feet. Mehndi tattoos symbolize the happiness and love related to their family, friend and love ones. On mehndi function, specific bridal Mehndi tattoos designed on the hands, arms and feet of the bride. The bridal Mehndi tattoos shows the love for her husband. People say that on next day if mehndi tattoos of bride seem brighter it’s mean that the groom really loves his bride. Girls also apply Mehndi tattoos on Chaand Raat on both the Eid ul Fitar and Eid ul Izha as it shows their respect and pleasure for religious occasions.