National Dress-Shalwar Kameez

National Dress

Dress of any community is the representative of the cultural values and ethics of the people. In Pakistan Shalwaar Kameez is given a status of National dress.

The national dress of Pakistan i.e. Shalwaar Kameez is worn in almost all parts of Pakistan  whether the people belong to any of the four provinces they wear Shalwaar Kameez with little alteration in styles and designs.

Basically Shalwaar Kameez is a sort of loose fitting shirt with baggy type of trousers.

Males wear Shalwaar Kameez in light and sober colors, while women wear in different glittering and blazing colors with different designs of laces and embroidery on it. In past few decades a large number of Pakistanis have settled abroad and when they came back they altered the style of traditional Shalwaar Kameez as per their requirements. The traditional designs of Shalwaar Kameez have been replaced with the modern styles but still the origin of Shalwaar Kameez is not ignored by the people in any time.

In Pakistani culture men wear Shalwaar Kameez with Waskit which is a sort of waist coat. The shirts are made with collars and cuffs in almost all types of designs in Shalwaar Kameez.

Women also bring changes in the styles of Shalwaar Kameez. Sometimes a long shirt becomes a fashions of the day with trousers while after sometime they change the style of Shalwaar Kameez and short shirts come into the demand. Though the styles and designing of Shalwaar Kameez keeps on changing but the villages and the rural areas of Pakistan ladies do not run behind these fashions and they can be seen dressed in the simple traditional Shalwaar Kameez of different colors.

Pakistani people respect their cultural values and like to live original. This originality is also visible in the way they dress up.

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