National horse and cattle show

One of the most popular annual festivals is “National Horse and Cattle Show”, it is held in spring in fortress stadium. This is a festival of almost one week and different activities are arranged for this week, the major events are army band display, cavalcade of livestock, folk dance, unity show, grey hound race, motorcycle trick ridding by military police, tent pegging, horse and camel dance, calisthenics, bullock cart race and also a free fall by army paratroopers. Girls from junior schools also sang national songs; there is large number of viewers and this show is end up by the impressive free fall by a group of army Commandos from a height of 10,000 ft landed with a great accuracy on the target area. horse and cattle show has been held from February to March who Such kind of shows are arranged to provide opportunities for the people to know and exchange ideas about the breeding of cattle and horses. This national festival is celebrated in different cities of Pakistan and with great preparation and celebrations.