Pakistan Culture-The Landmark Of Pride And Respect

Culture of Pakistan is very distinctive in its ethical and social values. Appropriate importance is given to these values. Pakistani culture rotates around the Islam religion that teaches every existing human being on the planet the lesson of equality. Culture of Pakistan is extremely diverse. Pakistan’s culture is invaded by several diverse people from different pursuits. The people included are Turks, Eurasian, White Huns, Mongols and a variety of Persian Arabs groups. All of these groups are different from each other in their religion, food and way of dressing. Culture of Pakistan consists of diverse cultures that start from Sindhis and Punjabis to the ethnic cultures of easternmost provinces of Pakistan. Nowadays, all those cultures are strongly fascinated by the neighboring cultures of Middle East, Central Asia and India next to the other places.

Basically, the society of Pakistan is multicultural and multilingual. Most of the Pakistanis who are from Aryan Heritage have found few similarities than differences Such as Punjabis and Sindhis, whom the difference of language is quite obvious. In that multicultural environment family, traditional values are known universally. From hundred years Pakistan’s rural areas are dominated through their ethnic customs.

Nowadays, western culture is adopted vastly in Pakistan because of the globalization. Shalwar Kamiz is the traditional dress of Pakistan generally, which is turned into trousers and shirts. Several people of Pakistan are now settled in abroad because of those people when come back this change will happen. Other countries have opened several restaurants in Pakistan for business purpose, and they are quite earning enough through their business here. For this major change, Media plays a broad role and due to this change, different country’s several channels have been watched in Pakistan these days. That is something negative and positive at some extent. The positive aspect is that it is the source for new generation to gain knowledge whereas the negative aspect is that it will fascinate them, and they want to adopt it as well. Through vast media, Pakistani movies have been watched in India while Indian movies are in Pakistani cinemas. For Hindu Muslim relation, this term is positive but Indian culture has not been accepted in Pakistan. Few major differences take place such as they worship many stone statues considering them their Gods while Pakistani’s belief in one God instead of many with their souls from their childhoods, and they don’t make statues to worship. Movies industry of Pakistan is not much known, but we are still trying to make good movies in our country.


Pakistani’s are doing their duties effetely and are almost working in all parts of the world. Many of the Pakistanis live in further parts of the world like Africa, Australia, Canada, United States and UK, including the nations of Scandinavian. Many of them also live in Middle East and these emigrants with their families influence the economically and culturally Pakistan by returning, travelling and investing here. There are also some reactionary movements to change the influence of western societies in Pakistan. To fulfill their mission this group is working hard to conflate with Islam.