Pakistan festival- Sibi mela and Mela Charaghan

Pakistan has a very rich culture and Pakistani culture has different colors and there are different festivals that increase the charm and beauty of Pakistani culture and people enjoy these celebrations with great preparations. One of the famous festivals is “Sibi Mela” this is the best way to promote a yearly get-together of tribes to swap ideas and develop horse, camel and cattle breeding in the region other than endorsing handicrafts. This festival is held in the mid of February and is lasts for a week. It is the sign of the spring, with exhibitions, trading and tournaments.  Large number of cattle and horses from villages and camels from deserts are brought to the festival and are liked by the bright tribal people. In this fair Baluchis are in large number from the surrounding areas and is the best place for Balochi handicraft shopping.

The other best and important festival is “Mela Chiraghan” it is the sign of birth of “Hazarat Shah Hussain” a Sufi saint also known as “Madhu Lal Hussain”, it started on Saturday night and is a festival of lights. Almost half million people are expected to attend this three day festival from all over the country. This urs  is inaugurated by placing a floral wreath at Hazarat Shah Hussain’s shrine and also arranged a “Mahfil-e-Sama” the roads the lead to the tomb are decorated with stalls, and also some place TV and shows stage performance. Various types of food items are also available which includes, fruit chaat, gol gappas, sweetmeats, qatlamas and many other food items. In this festival followers light up large number of earthen the lamps in the honor of the saint on his shrine. His shrine is located near the Shalimar garden.

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