Pakistan festivals

Pakistan is a multicultural country and celebrates different festivals some on religious ground and some on other than religious ground. Different festivities are celebrated throughout the year; these festivals are the sign of colors, rituals, enthusiasm and happiness, these festivals shows that Pakistanis are very live and energetic. People of Pakistan are all depend on one another promoting the sense of brotherhood. The cultural festivals of Pakistan signify heritage, history, language, faith and the whole environment of Pakistan. It shows our rich culture, most of these cultural festivals are the chance for craftsmen of the country to show themselves through their art work. Some of the cultural festivals are.

Jashn-e-Larkana: it is celebrated in the last week of February in Larkana Sindh. It is an occasion of three days and this festival is somehow similar to Sibi Mella, in this festival Sindh culture is clearly shown. Different competitions in the traditional sports are held, the most famous one is kabaddi. Trade fair of different Sindhi handicrafts, special traditional dresses and jewelry are held and these are the main attraction of the visitors.

Nauroze: this is one of the festivals that are held only in Hunza, Gilgit, Chitral and Skardu. Polo tournament is the main feature of this festival. It is held from 21st to 23rd of Match. It is also a colorful event with some other attractions like local sports, dances, music and folk dances. Exhibition of the local handicrafts is an essential part of this festival.

Loke Mela: it is one week festival celebrated every year at Loke Virsa Islamabad. It is great place to show art, craft and culture of Pakistan. It includes craftsmen, dance contest, music contest and also sale exhibition of different handicrafts.

There are many other festivals in Pakistan that show the true strength of Pakistan

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