Pakistan festivals

Pakistani culture has different festivals and all these festivals are celebrated in Pakistan with great preparation and with a great pomp and show among all the festivals some of the festivals are more important and are celebrated all over the Pakistan. One of them is

Pakistan day: 23rd of March is called “Pakistan Day”, all over the subcontinent thousand of the Muslims was gathered in Lahore on this day, all of them had one mission, one dream and one vision and that is for the Muslims of subcontinent they all wanted to have a separate homeland, so under the leadership of Mr Jinnah and some other great leaders on this day started their struggle for the separate homeland with full force and enthusiasm and lasts in the creation of Pakistan. So, by keeping the importance of this day in mind all the people of Pakistan celebrate it with great enthusiasm and zeal, to praise the amazing achievement of the South Asian Muslims, and the Military parade at the provincial Capital and Islamabad.

National horse and cattle show: the other most famous annual festival of Pakistan is a “National horse and cattle show” it is held in “Fortress Stadium” in the spring. During the whole week some other main activities are army band display, unity show, cavalcade of livestock, folk dance, tent pegging, gray hound race, camel and horse dance, calisthenics, bullock cart race, motorcycle trick riding by the military police and the free fall by army paratroopers. Junior model school girls sang national songs. Army commandos also landed on the pinpoint target area in the terrible height of 10,000 feet. This horse and cattle celebrations held from February to March on different places like different agriculture centers in Pakistan. The most famous are the Dera Ismail khan horse and cattle show, Sibi mela, stadium Sahiwal horse show. These shows are the best chances for the breeders to show their collections and exchange their views and also learn something about the cattle and horse breeding.