Pakistan foods

Pakistani food is greatly influenced by Persian and Mughal cooking style which is very spicy and very rich. In Pakistan food is mainly cooked in ghee and butter and dress up with different varieties of cashew nuts and dry fruits. In all Pakistani foods the most common and the favorite one is Biryani and that is the blend of high quality rice and meat that is cooked on steam and also a combination of minced tomato, onion and cucumber in yogurt. Other most famous delicious Pakistani food is Kababs these kababs are piece of meat either chicken, mutton or beef with heavy marination of different spices and cooked either on the charcoal or inside in tandoor. Tandoor is a special type of oven used for this type of meat and naan. These kababs are used as the starters and also are the main dishes of meal if served with tandoori roti or naan.

A common man’s meal is consists of rice, roti, a vegetable curry, dal and also meat dishes. Dal vegetables dishes do not involve mush spices but chicken karahai, meat karahi and biryani involve much spices and their taste increase with spices and Pakistani people like them more. In Pakistan every city have some specialty in their cooking and these special dishes are famous all over the country and people specially come and eat these special dish of every city like Peshawri kabab and kabli polao of Peshawar, Lahori karahi and chicken karahi of Lahore, biryani of Haderabad, sejhi of Sindh, sohan halwa of Multan. Lahore Food Street is very famous for the desi and cultural dishes of Pakistan; there you will find all the different verities of food that you want. Some of the desi Pakistani foods are specific to some occasions like sheer khurma is the special dish of eid ul fitr, haleem, puri halwa is special dish for Muharram or eid meladul nabi. Other special dishes are siri paye, katakut, murgh musalim, chergha, white qurma, and many other dishes are included in Pakistani food. All over the Pakistan Lahori people are very much fond of eating and Lahori food is famous all over the country.

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